Multi Sensory Play Centre

A Play Centre For Babies, Children and Adults,
including special facilities for those with a sensory impairment 

Book completely private and secure play sessions either individually or in a group - safe in the knowledge that every individual is special and will be treated that way

Especially valuable when dealing with 

Autism - Asperger's - Special Needs

Fun for everyone!

Check out our Events page to see all the special activities at Sensory World.

Providing a safe environment for all children (and parents!) with specialist play equipment designed specifically for babies and children with special needs, particularly those with autism and asperger's syndrome.

Fun For Everyone - including Mum!

Safe, comfortable play facilities where children of all ages, with or without disabilities can interact with
colours, shape, texture, movement, lights and images
All our staff are fully checked, first aid trained and disability aware.

Note: The Play Centre is open Tues - Sat, 09:00 - 2:00pm
and for Private Sessions outside these hours.
Private Sessions provide privacy and security for our customers.
Call: 01924 456152 to book.

Please also ensure you book use of additional facilities e.g. the kitchen, cafe and waterbed in advance according to your needs.

children play

Play Centre

A play centre for everyone - including disadvantaged children that we can help discover new things in the world.  Happy faces are our best incentive.



Meet up with your friends - or just have a quiet cuppa while your children play.  Our Terrace is open from Easter onwards - beautiful when the sun is shining. 



Sensory deprivation takes it out of everybody including parents and carers.  Need some help?
Just drop in.

Convenient Throughout The Week

9am to 2pm, Tuesday through Saturday
Pre-Bookings for private sessions at other times.

What some of our customers think:

Get together with your friends to book an afternoon of coffee, cake and a catch up while you all take turns to supervise the children in the play centre! 

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