Multi Sensory Play Centre

A Play Centre For Babies, Children and Adults,
including special facilities for those with a sensory impairment 

Book completely private and secure play sessions either individually or in a group - safe in the knowledge that every individual is special and will be treated that way

Especially valuable when dealing with 

Autism - Asperger's - Special Needs

Fun for everyone!

Check out our Events page to see all the special activities at Sensory World.

Providing a safe environment for all children (and parents!) with specialist play equipment designed specifically for babies and children with special needs, particularly those with autism and asperger's syndrome.

Fun For Everyone - including Mum!

Safe, comfortable play facilities where children of all ages, with or without disabilities can interact with
colours, shape, texture, movement, lights and images
All our staff are fully checked, first aid trained and disability aware.

Note: The Play Centre is open Tues - Sat, 09:00 - 2:00pm
and for Private Sessions outside these hours.
Private Sessions provide privacy and security for our customers.
Call: 01924 456152 to book.

Please also ensure you book use of additional facilities e.g. the kitchen, cafe and waterbed in advance according to your needs.

children play

Play Centre

A play centre for everyone - including disadvantaged children that we can help discover new things in the world.  Happy faces are our best incentive.



Meet up with your friends - or just have a quiet cuppa while your children play.  Our Terrace is open from Easter onwards - beautiful when the sun is shining. 



Sensory deprivation takes it out of everybody including parents and carers.  Need some help?
Just drop in.

Convenient Throughout The Week

9am to 2pm, Tuesday through Saturday
Pre-Bookings for private sessions at other times.

What some of our customers think:

Thank you card from The Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire
A Mohan
A Mohan
"In doing my own volunteering with the vulnerable, in the fantastic and under-recognised Sensory World in Dewsbury,..."

From a letter by dental postgrad student A Mohan published in the British Dental Journal
A Mohan
Sensory World is a great relaxing place and we visit every week with our service users. They love coming into the sensory rooms, listening to music, watching the lights and playing with the toys around the room. We bring our service users here for sensory play and time and for dinner.

One of our service users has dietary requirements that are always met and there are always choices for their food. The service provided here is great. Always chat and talk with us staff and service users and interact with them on the level which they go above and beyond to make the experience very enjoyable for them.

I do recommend Sensory World to families with children and learning disabilities. There is a great atmosphere in Sensory World.
Dawn with Kirsty
Dawn with Kirsty
When we arrive at Sensory World, it's so relaxing, listening to music, meeting our friends and having lovely food. We relaxing listening to music sometimes singing watching the different colored lights changing. We love coming here the atmosphere is so relaxing chilled out, mostly enjoying coming to meet our friends and enjoying the home cooked food.

Linda is amazing, the lady running Sensory World, helping loads of special people for their needs in so many ways.
Dawn with Kirsty
Gary 11 Nov 2019
Gary - 11 Nov 2019

Gary has visited Sensory World regularly over the past few weeks.

He came in for his usual lunch of gammon egg and chips while the dentist training was on and he asked for a consultation.

One of the dentists checked him and gave him some advice on keeping his mouth and teeth healthy.
Gary 11 Nov 2019

The first day he came to Sensory World he had never been to a place like it before. He stayed for around 10 minutes and seemed to really enjoy the lights.

He slowly progressed to staying an hour, in some cases not wanting to leave. There was nowhere else we could find where he would settle and had the facilities that he enjoyed. The first couple of weeks he only walked around but after a month or so, he started to interact with bubbles and pressing lights on and off. He started to laugh and play ball with staff.

After about four months he went in the ball pool for the first time. This was a real achievement for him and showed just how much he had progressed in a couple of months. He becomes really excited every Friday morning due to him knowing where he goes every Friday at 12:30.
This is a massive part of his weekly routine.
Service Users from Waverly Hall
Comments by staff from Waverly Hall
This person doesn't often go out but now visits Sensory World regularly and loves the ball pool.

This lady is so calm when coming to Sensory World and interacting with different objects. Lovely to see.

This gentleman loves to watch the lights and listen to the calming music while sitting in his wheelchair.

This lady normally struggles with concentration - but at Sensory World is calm and will sit for periods of time.
Service Users from Waverly Hall
Michelle Brown - childminder
Michelle Brown - Child minder 17 Dec 2019
I have traveled here from Huddersfield to access this provision. A lovely, calming and safe environment for my under fives. They are stimulated and happy whilst here. The facilities are excellent value for money.
Michelle Brown - childminder
Sally West-Wittington
Sally West-Wittington - Child minder
17 Dec 2019
Sensory World is a great experience for the children I care for. A group of us have visited regularly over the last few months.
The children all seem to like the ball pool with the rainbow lights in. I particularly find as well that the Makaton nursery rhymes are amazing for the children who are not yet verbally fluent.

A great experience all around and the staff and volunteers are all amazing.
Sally West-Wittington
Michelle Moffatt
Michelle Moffatt - Thornhill Child minder
17 Dec 2019
I visit regularly to the Sensory room with a group of local minders and children. We hire the room out for morning play sessions. The venue is always exceptionally clean and tidy with lovely service. The children really enjoy coming and we have rebooked several times now. It's good value for money and lots of different experiences for the children.

They especially love the climbing tower and ballpool. We have had food from the menu which has been enjoyable. Childminders have come from Huddersfield to enjoy time with their children in Sensory World.
Michelle Moffatt
Thank you card from The Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire
Thank you card from The Lord Lieutenant of West Yorkshire
From Kirklees Council

Cllr Shabir Pandor - Leader of the Council

Jacqui Gedman - Chief Executive

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Get together with your friends to book an afternoon of coffee, cake and a catch up while you all take turns to supervise the children in the play centre! 

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