Autism & Aspergers

Development through play

Using all the available forms of sensory communication in innovative and unusual ways can inspire and engage the children on the autism or aspergers spectrum at Sensory World Play Centre.  They have fun in the way that they find most comfortable while learning – which leads to a significant and sustainable improvement in their physical and cognitive abilities.

Older individuals

Normally noisy and disruptive individuals can also find themselves completely engaged by a particular sensory experience and become calm and engaged for considerable periods of time.  We have lots of those at Sensory World.  In a safe and secure enviironment this can be a welcome relief for parents and carers.

Care Homes, special schools and other professionals

A change of scene and a different environment can be enough to make someone’s day.  Sensory World is one of the few places in the area with multiple sensory experiences, a safe and welcoming space and a welcoming smile for everyone.

Specialist play equipment

Colours, shape, texture, movement, lights, images

..are all particularly useful to provide a stimulating learning experience for our visitors, whether children or adult, on the autism spectrum.

photo of child with wall mounted shapes

Dark Room

Picture of small child in Sensory World bubble tube room

Dark Rooms, sometimes known as UV Rooms or Blacklight Rooms, are a special sensory resource providing a strong contrast between light sources and the background – which is usually kept as dark as possible.

The aim is to allow for different types of light to be used to access users with partial sight or who simply find the light combinations to be intriguing or calming.  

They can be used in combination with bubble tubes or bubble panels that provide constantly changing light sources and patterns.

Dark rooms can be used to encourage visual discrimination and hand eye coordination.  Our dark room at Sensory World is completely separate for minimum distraction which allows the user the best opportunity to concentrate on the activities being carried out.

Note that 24 hours notice is required for booking of the Dark Room.Call 01924 456152 to book.

Thanks to our financial friends who helped fund the interactive floor.