Make a Booking

photo of Linda Holmes with small baby

Linda Holmes

I’m happy to say that we are getting so busy that we need to introduce a booking system.  This will avoid our users being disappointed if someone else books and then does not turn up.

All our events are listed below. To begin with, only the hire of the whole venue and the booking of Private Sessions in the Sensory Room are bookable with payment online.   This will ensure that the space you have booked will be available when you arrive.  

Everything else is bookable online but payment for paid services is still the way you are used to.  I’m sure there will be teething problems but if you have any problem or want times that don’t fit the schedule then please call me on 07801 65589.

Once everyone is comfortable with the changes – including me(!) then we will convert all events to online booking and payment which we hope will make life easier for everyone.

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