Tooth Care Training For Children With Special Needs

photo of child with special needs learning about tooth care

Parents and carers of children with learning difficulties, autism and any of a range of special needs are only too aware of how difficult it is to teach their lovely children the basics of life that come as routine to others – including looking after their teeth.

photo of Dentaid mobile surgery

That’s why the Dentaid mobile van will be calling at Sensory World for a special event just for children with special needs on:16th December, 10:00am to 3:00pm

Making tooth care fun and interesting is what this event is all about.

Fun and games inside Sensory World and a visit to the big white van outside to turn tooth care into an adventure.

photo of small boy with giant toothbrush

Just £5 for some fun training about caring for growing teeth.

No booking required – but if you are able please give Linda a call on 07801 065589 if you are planning to visit, just to help with the planning.

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