Bricks+Booze Launched

Adult Fans Of Lego, otherwise known as AFOLs were unleashed for the first time in Dewsbury on Friday, 1st March.  Building on the existing Lego Club for children taking place at Sensory World every Tuesday afternoon, Bricks+Booze is a kids free event for adults held on the first Friday of every month.

Without the distraction of having to pander to small children and with the creative instincts lubricated with a supply of (it looks like someone is a Fosters fan), the first group of budding engineers/architects set about building ….. some more Lego!  

Bricks+Booze takes place on the first Friday of every month.  You can make a booking to let us know you are coming but the event is FREE with food and drink available from the Cafe

Lots of Lego available so leave the kids with grandma, rock up and show us what you can do. 

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