Making A Sensory Impact!

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Fame at last for Sensory World Play Centre as founder Linda Holmes is interviewed twice in one week for 2 regional television programs!

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On Monday it was Look North who arrived to talk with Linda about her new sensory play centre in Dewsbury.  

Their enquiry was sparked by Linda aiming to publicise her new play centre and bold as brass decided to call them up when she opened in March  to tell them ​about it.  

Look North arranged to visit on Monday and were particularly interested in how the sensory play equipment is suitable for people of all ages and that autism and aspergers afflict people throughout their lives and sessions with suitable equipment can be lifesavers at any age.  Unfortunately, they have yet to let us know when they plan to use the segment,  Not so with ITV.​

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No, not these twins - but you get the point - that's a lot of twins!

By coincidence, also on Monday, an ITV staff member made a private visit to Sensory World with a couple of friends to find out what it was all about - and they brought THREE sets of twins between them.  

She was so interested by what she had heard that they had travelled from Leeds to see what it was all about - and was so impressed by the facilities that word got back to ITV News.

 Calendar were soon on the phone to arrange to visit today to spread the word.  We've been told the segment will be broadcast this evening so make sure you're glued to the ITV news at 6pm.

​What did they want to know? Why Linda was prepared to put such effort into providing sensory play support suitable for sensory deprived children and adults with all degrees of autism, aspergers and similar problems? 

​The answer, for those not familiar with Linda's story, is in her wish to share everything she has learned in dealing with exactly those problems in her own family in order to reduce the burden of others going through the same situation. 

To find out more make sure to watch ITV Calendar.  We're not too sure when it will go out but keep a look out over the next few days.​

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